Solar Sludge Drying Plant- Narol (India)

The world’s largest drying plant


Together with our local Indian partner company now the world’s largest drying plant for apparel textile sludge according to the i+M-Zizmann was constructed in 2018 in the northwest of India, in Gujarat state. Usually the area of 9,600m² was designed just as sludge storing halls after dewatering. By using i+M technology the sludge gets desiccated professionally on a granulate type product structure with industrial application Sludge feeding The primary concept of the owner was just feeding by tractor/wheel loader after mono-belt dewatering. To optimize the drying process now the new concept shall include automatic feeding, either by relocate the dewatering machines to the feeding sections or dosed feeding adjustments of the feeding sections.


The drying area is ca. 9,600m². On this area the sludge gets dried on 90%DS the whole year. Only during monsoon times the incoming air gets optimized to generate warm air inside the hall to guarantee the drying process during the monsoon. Preparations for hot floor operations were considered during the design and can be installed easily in case of higher sludge flow rates in future.

Drying area 9600 m2
Independent lines 11
Feeding 2018
Manual Future feeding Dosed
Output Belt conveyor, Elevator, Silo
Sludge output ≥ 90% DS



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