Solar-combined or Hybrid Sludge Drying Plant- Gemeinde Gärtringen (Germany)

Project: Solar drying plant in Gärtringen waterwaste treatment plant

It is seen even you are on the A81 between Stuttgart and the Lake Constance: A huge glass greenhouse that rises up beside the road on the site of the sewage sludge treating plant of Gärtringen.

Two independent pre-located bunker units offer the possibility to receive sludge from the 9 other members of the sludge treatment association as well as the local sludge of the WWTP Gärtringen that gets transported automatically by a spiral conveyor after passing the dewatering unit. This collecting point offers a good plant utilization rate and is a real solution for all members.

On a space of about 1400m² the different types of the association’s sludge get dried until ≥ 90 % TS automatically from the input until the pick up: electrical and electronic engineering, bunker with pushfloor, greenhouse, air management and output system. To prevent the dried sludge from moisture and other weather influences the sludge is kept safe inside an underrunable silo. The heat for the floor heating system comes from the electricity generation of a nearby deep-freeze warehouse.

Drying space 1040 m2
Independent lines 2 pieces
Input bunker ca. 150 m3
Input Spiral conv., búnker
Output / Silo       ca. 60 m3
Heat source    Industrial district heat
Sludge delivery Direct, truck-container
Sludge flow (plan) 3200 - 4000to
Sludge  pickup Truck-Silo
Sludge input 20 -25 % DS
Sludge output ≥ 90% DS



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