Photovoltaic Plants


We can carry out installations of photovoltaic power panels.
These can be self-consumption installations to reduce long-term energy costs and consumption, or even larger-scale solar energy production projects.


B2S acts as a delegate of an electrical marketer, being able to offer the following services:

Supply and execution of photovoltaic plants for both industries and private customers.

Execution of photovoltaic plants as a complementary installation included into the integral solutions proposed by B2S for the waste treatment, in order to achieve together with other renewable energies generated in the waste treatment process, a self-sufficiency for the customer.
Combined solution with water treatment, waste and sludge drying in contained plants.
The photovoltaic panels may be installed on the container roof for the generation of the electrical power required for self-consumption.
Auditing and energy efficiency.
Establish a business model for the customer that considers:

Its renewable energy generation potential
Energy action plan (combined with the previous one)
Improving currently energy contracts with the marketer
Achievement of the improvement of the customer’s performance account.

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