System products for water treatment - VTA GSD Sonication

VTA is an Austrian group which is successful all over the world. We develop and create innovative system products and technologies which set standards in the waste water and environmental engineering sector. These high-performance, cost-efficient and sustainable solutions are inspired by nature and its cycles.

The VTA Group is already successful in 65 countries. We supply thousands of municipal treatment plants, as well as numerous customers in various industries all over the world. 

At our headquarters in Rottenbach (Austria) and six other locations in Europe, VTA manufactures system products which are entirely environmentally friendly to ensure the safe, sustainable and cost-effective optimisation of waste water purification.

"At VTA, we think in cycles. We not only treat wastewater, we also pay attention to the environment as a whole."

SYSTEM PRODUCTS for water treatment
Our system products are adapted to the ever-growing requirements of wastewater engineering and individual customer needs in our in-house laboratory as part of our ongoing research work. 

VTA Hydroprompt® FORTE
VTA Nanofloc® 
VTA Biokat® 
VTA Biolizer®
VTA Biosolit®
VTA Calcoferrit®


Sludge Sonication

Effective sludge reduction. Less sludge. More gas. First-rate balance.


Optimum sewage sludge treatment, stable digestion operation and reduction of costs – this is what reverse flow disintegration (GSD) with ultrasound, a patented process from VTA Technologie GmbH, has to offer.

In VTA GSD, ultrasonic transducers digest the thickened sludge flowing through the disintegration reactor.


Link vta.cc/es

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