Exclusive distributor of the IEA PRESS sludge dewatering screw

SERPROAGUA is the exclusive  distributor of the IEA PRESS sludge dewatering screw, with application in  municipal and industrial treatment plants, which have a completely different technology from the classic centrifugal decanters.
Below we describe schematically the main advantages of the IEA PRESS sludge dewatering screw compared to the classic centrifugal decanters:
  • Much lower energy consumption: Approximately a  tenth one.
  • High degree dehydration of the sludge, and consequently a cost reduction of elimination or waste management. Usually 2-5% more.
  • Continuous, safe and fully automatic operation, with minimal operating stress and minimal maintenance.
  • Low noise level, less than 65 dB.
  • Absence of vibrations.
  • The power required for its drive is very low.
  • It requires very little washing water.
  • Long useful life.
  • All parts in contact with the medium are made of stainless steel.
  • There is hardly any wear due to the low working speed.
  • Low spare parts costs.
  • Easy replacement of the gasket without having to disassemble the equipment.
  • Divisible sieve, with horizontal opening at half the diameter for easy maintenance.
IEA DERFLINGER only manufactures this equipment, which gives it some hallmarks:
  • High quality equipment in relation to others on the market, with good final dryness performance.
  • Wide range of equipment to adjust to the most suitable dimensioning depending on the flows.
  • Reinforced "XL" version when dryness expectations are high.
  • Very high operating reliability.



Engineering and projects

  • Wide range in all equipment
  • Advice and customized solutions for each installation

Execution of industrial scale pilot plant

 Units availability  to pilot and  test industrial water
  • IEA sludge dewatering screw
  • Nikuni microbubble generator

Advice and support in installation

  • Preparation of maintenance programs (preventive, corrective and predictive)
  • Technical assistance service.
  • Installation, commissioning  and start-up of new equipment.

Start up

  • Commissioning of the equipment, with specialized technical personnel.
  • Supervision and control during the warranty period.
  • Plant personnel training

After sales service

  • Spare parts, accessories, complements, ... etc.
  • Various maintenance options.

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