Exclusive technologies supplier for the wastewater treatment, drinking water and gases.

IBEROSPEC is formed by a group of engineers with over fifteen years of experience in the field of water and wastewater treatment and environmental management systems. We are professionals with a technical and commercial profile who provide advanced solutions for municipal and industrial sector.

We represent international companies specialized in the commercialization and development of technology for water, wastewater and air/gas treatment. With exclusivity agreements for the territories of Spain, Portugal and Andorra, we also support our national customers in all their projects around the glove, acting as interlocutor to facilitate the relationship with partner companies.

In IBEROSPEC awe leverage our product knowledge to offer a personalized, close and positive customer experience in all phases of their project, from conception, implementation and maintenance.
IBEROSPEC has exclusive distribution agreements for the following brands: AEROSTRIP, ARVIA, BRENTWOOD, ECOMEMBRANE, GL-TURBO, INVENT, KUBOTA and PURAFIL.

Ultra-fine bubbles flat diffuser with polyurethane membrane.
High Oxygen Transfer Efficiency. Easily Installation executed directly on the tank floor.
Up to 20 years of lifespan
  • Aerostrip® diffuser type Q with PVC body
  • Aerostrip® Type T with AISI-316 body
Advanced tertiary treatment combining adsorption and electrochemical oxidation in the same tank to remove organic micropollutants, reduce recalcitrant COD or eliminate effluent colour.
  • Nyex™ system
Non-metallic chain and flight scrapers system for rectangular tanks.
Sediment removal system for drinking water rectangular clarifiers.
Structured-sheet PVC media for trickling filters.
IFAS system with submerged fixed-film PVC support to increase biological reactors treatment capacity and efficiency.
NSF certified PVC lamellar packages.
  • Polychem® Non-metallic chain and flight scrapers
  • SedVac® Sediment Removal System
  • AccuPAC® Structured-sheet media
  • AccuFAS® Submerged Fixed Film media
  • IFR Serie 6000 lamellar packages
Gasholder and covers made of polyester membrane reinforced with high resistance PVC fiber.
Covers for storage tanks.
Covers for lagoons.
Covers for primary and secondary clarifiers.
  • Double membrane and triple membrane gasholders.
  • Econtainer portable gasholders
  • Single membrane covers
  • Calricover® covers
Single stage centrifugal turbo blowers for flow rates of 5.000 Nm3/h up to 90.000 Nm3/h.
Multistage centrifugal turbo blowers for flow rates of 1.000 Nm3/h up to 70.000 Nm3/h.
Rotary piston blowers for flow rates of 100-5.000 Nm3/h.
  • GL Series
  • LS Series
  • Dyna Series
Vertical mixer with a hyperboloid -shaped body.
Fixed, removable and floating grills of tubular EPDM diffusers.
Coarse bubble diffuser grills in AISI-316.
Aeration and decanting systems for SBR processes.
Pneumatic levitation turbo blowers for flow rates of 500 Nm3 / h up to-7.000 Nm3 / h.
Vertical mixers for anaerobic digesters.
Removable mixers for drinking wáter tanks.
Stainless Steel disc filter for tertiary treatment.
  • Mixer and Mixer/Aerator HYPERCALSSIC®
  • E-FLEX® fine bubble diffusers
  • iCBA® coarse bubble diffussers
  • SBR iDEC® decanting/aeration systems
  • iTURBO® turbo blower
  • CYBERSLUDGE® mixer
  • HYPERMIX® mixer
  • iFILT® tertiary filter
Submerged flat sheet microfiltration membrane (MBR) for biological reactors.
  • LF, FF y FS types
  • ES, EK, RM and RW types
  • SP types
Treatment of gases and odours treatment using an impregnated filter media that removes pollutants by chemisorption.
Evaluation and control of corrosive environments.
Air purifiers that remove virus-bearing aerosols (COVID-19).
  • Patented filter media
  • Dry gas scrubbing equipment
  • Purashiled ™ air purifiers

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Innovative iFILT®-Diamond Filter for the retention of microplastics Innovative iFILT®-Diamond Filter for the retention of microplastics
Efficient Wastewater Treatment in the Pulp and Paper Industry Efficient Wastewater Treatment in the Pulp and Paper Industry

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