Environmentally friendly pre-treatment technology for organic waste. ECOGI - converts organic waste to green energy

Gemidan Ecogi A/S is part of the leading Gemidan A/S resource recovery group which supports resource sustainability and the circular economy in Denmark.

ECOGI is a high-performance food waste pre-treatment technology developed by Gemidan Ecogi A/S using over 8 years’ experience in commercial scale processing of domestic and industrial source separated food waste. The end product using ECOGI is a high-quality substrate for biogas generation.

Throughout development ECOGI has been subjected to rigorous and comprehensive independent process monitoring. In 2016 ECOGI was one of a very select number of technologies to be awarded EU ETV (Environmental Technology Verification) certification which officially validates a number of key process performance outcomes including :
  • Ability to treat feedstocks that contain 20% physical contamination (including plastic, glass and metals).
  • Organic materials capture rate > 95%.
  • Substrate purity from physical contamination > 99.9%.
ECOGI’s substrate is proven to :
  • Enhance gas yield.
  • Reduce digester retention time.
  • Produce a digestate that is virtually free from physical contamination.

Gemidan Ecogi A/S is looking to sell ECOGI worldwide with a Comprehensive Service package that includes:

  • Bespoke layout design.
  • Manufacture.
  • Installation.
  • On-going maintenance support. 

can be used as a dedicated front-end pre-treatment process at an AD facility
or as part of a centralised processing plant
producing a high-quality substrate for distribution to a network
of anaerobic digestion facilities.



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