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Wastewater Treatment and Drinking Water plants for industries and municipalities

Integral water cycle solutions provider. More than 20 years of experience in designing, engineering, performance management, construction and operation in this field

Photovoltaic plants

Tailored solutions executed individually or as a complementary facility to other B2S’solutions to get energy self-sufficiency and independence.

Gases Treatment

Specific and advanced technologies for gas emissions treatment without chemical reagents.

Biogas plants

With more than 350 plants executed by our represented throughout Europe, we are a guarantee of success.

Solar and hybrid Sludge drying plants

With more than 20 plants executed by our represented in Europe, Asia and Africa, among which the largest references worldwide, we are a guarantee of success.

Obtaining high quality Biopulp with high methane yield for biogas plants

Production of pure organic substrate (Biopulp) from physically contaminated food waste feedstocks suitable for producing biogas by Anaerobic digestion.

Wastewater Treatment and Drinking Water plants for industries and municipalities.

Integral water cycle solutions provide


B2S is the commercial and exclusive representative of several equipment manufacturers and inventors which have numerous references of executed facilities worldwide.

With more than 20 years of experience in the design, definition of the technological process, engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and start-up of industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants, we have developed our own know-how that allows us to offer a wide range of technological solutions for both municipal and industrial plants.

Biogas plants


B2S is the commercial and exclusive representative of manufacturers of capital goods and technologies, which have run more than 350 plants across Europe.

Our experience allows us to offer the greatest technical solution for the processing of organic waste from both the agricultural and livestock sector, as well as industrial and urban, with the aim of obtaining green renewable energy.

Through the process of anaerobic digestion, we obtain biogas which can be useful in:
Direct combustion in boilers
CHP installations
Upgrading to obtain high-quality biomethane, equivalent to natural gas
Biomethane to grid injection: Direct distribution for industries, domestic use, automotive and transport

We also implement technologies such as sonication for the pre-treatment of organic wastes before entering to the anaerobic digestion, which increases the biogas production and therefore the energy recovered.

Solar & Hybrid Sludge drying


B2S is the commercial agency and exclusive representative of a patented solar and hybrid sludge drying technology manufacturer.
With more than 20 plants executed in Europe, Asia and Africa by our representative, among which the largest references worldwide, we are a guarantee of success.

We offer our customers the possibility of solar or hybrid sludge drying plants whose main features are:
Taking advantage of any residual energy available at the industry or the plant in which the installation is located
Automatic sludge feeding and extraction, combining it with our exclusive turning system and intelligent heating and ventilation technology, making our solar drying plants the most energy efficient of the market.

When residual energy available in the industry is added for floor and inflow air heating, then the solar sludge drying system becomes an hybrid or completely thermal one which evaporation performance may be increased up to 4 tonnes of water per square meter and year.

The final product obtained in both cases, with dryness up to 99% depending on customer's requirements, is an organic fertilizer and may be used as substitute of primary fuels as well, due to its high LHV (low heating value). Three tons of this product are equivalent to one ton of coal.

Obtaining high quality Biopulp with high methane yield for biogas plants

We are aware of the economic and energy saving potential that is wasted when organic waste is packaged, or dumped mixed with all kinds of inorganic wastes, as is the case of the organic fraction of:
Organic domestic wastes mixed with plastic bags
Mixed commercial wastes
Food products from supermarket returns
Products packaged, canned or in bottles that due to their difficulty of separation, end up being wasted.

For its use, we have a technology capable of separating this organic fraction from the mixture of all products, finally obtaining a paste named Biopulp, suitable for feeding in anaerobic digesters.

Gases Treatment


In all waste treatment processes, odours and gases treatment must be considered prior to its emission to the environment and must comply with current regulations.

With the aim of achieving the highest efficiency, but at the same time, the lowest operating and maintenance cost over the lifetime of the installation, biological treatment processes are incorporated, which do not require the consumption of chemical reagents, but only water and absorption / adsorption processes.

Treatments such as biotrickling, bioscrubber, biodesulphurisation and activated carbon, available through our represented, suppose a big technological advance and savings in the income statement.

Photovoltaic plants


B2S acts as a delegate and sales representative for an electricity marketer, which also supplies and operates photovoltaic plants and provides audit and energy efficiency services.

Photovoltaic installations can be supplied independently or be part of one of B2S’s end-to-end solutions, providing an additional electrical energy source to the one obtained from the waste’s treatment, thus allows to get a total self-sufficiency for the customer.

They are also the best solution for isolated installations located far away from electrical net or even for containerized waste’s treatment, in which the container roof is used to install solar panels which may supply the required electrical energy for its self-consumption.

B2S audits the customer's current electricity consumption and costs and proposes the most ideal combination between the size of the photovoltaic installation and the electrical supply from the net that best suits their needs. The customer can choose between the purchase of the installation, or the execution of it in charge of the marketer. In return under this scenario, the customer contracts to the marketer the energy supply during the period of time determined in the business project, after which, the installation becomes the property of the customer.

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