B2S’ Solutions Advantages

B2S Renewable Energies is a company that aims to give the customer a comprehensive solution.

The integral solutions provided by B2S can also be applied in whole or in part according to the needs of each client, since in the end, they are composed of treatment processes that may only require some and others do not, but which are designed to INDIVIDUALLY or TOGETHER give a continuity and a more global solution to the customer. This allows the customer to address them in DIFFERENT STAGES OR PHASES over time, therefore cushioning the initial economic impact.

The range of solutions presented by B2S can be concatenated with each other or applied separately, also having the advantage that we can supply both technology and equipment. Moreover, we have extensive references from our represented firms that grant the maximum guarantees of process, and technical and economic solvency.

B2S presents in its portfolio such solutions that can be integral both at the industrial level, as well as at the level of guilds, territorial associations, municipal and / or territorial administrations.

With the experience gained in the years of profession of its staff in very diverse fields, whether within engineering in many disciplines, and also carrying out the management of works and economic analysis and results analysis, we have learned that no solution is fully integral if it does not include the following areas:

To technically analyse not only the line of the problem to be addressed and its solution, but to globalize it within the industrial activity in which it is framed, in order to find synergies with the rest of the industrial processes, so that perhaps a surgical solution to the initial problem can become a solution that contributes an improvement to the overallity of the activity , both technically and in its performance account.

That it is economically self-sustaining over its useful life, causing a zero or positive impact on the income statement, either through the savings achieved or through the entry of new net income, having already considered both investment and amortization and operating costs.

That it is environmentally friendly, integrating the culture of energy conversion from a model based solely on fossil sources, into a mixed model with renewable sources obtained from its own waste, and even, according to the possibilities, to an entirely renewable model. What is the so called model: "WASTE to ENERGY".

That all inorganic waste generated is finally separated for reuse and recycling of other organic waste, which are transformed into fertilizers and renewable energies used in the economic activity itself, and in the event of surplus, which is returned to business activity and society in general.

Let it therefore become an ECONOMIC and ENVIRONMENTAL MODEL of SUCCESS.

Example of replicable SUCCESS MODEL

In areas whose main activity is agriculture, livestock and the agri-food industry, a large volume of organic waste is generated.
The treatment of these wastes in individual plants for farmers or centralized for associations thereof, allow the obtaining of valued products, such as biogas, biomethane and fertilizers.
The marketing of them, provide not only a solution of economic viability for these sectors, but also for society, since a majority percentage of the population of the territory, are dependent on them. It is in these cases that a TRUE CIRCULAR ECONOMY is achieved.

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